Tooter App is Available Now

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have Tooter.

Tooter – because everyone likes to share.

Tooter is the next generation of fart app. Tooter allows you to select from a group of pre-set words to share how you tooted today.

Share your toots with the world via Facebook and Twitter because some things in life are just too funny to keep to yourself.

Even if you don’t need this app, we are sure that you know someone that does – don’t forget you can “gift” this app to someone that needs it.

• choose your own message to toot or let Tooter cut one for you with a simple shake
• 30,000+ combinations of “toots”
• special random “rotten egg” toots are available from the shake to toot option
• share on Facebook
• share on Twitter

If you are not sure you want to blow $0.99 on this fun app, you can always try out Tooter Lite which gives you a taste of Tooter for free.

For extra fun, you can try playing this game using the app (parental or spousal approval is recommended before playing): Each player needs a glass of chocolate milk. Players take turns shaking the app. If the “toot” starts with “I”, you have to drink your glass of chocolate milk as fast as you can. Players are eliminated when they can’t drink any more chocolate milk or if they laugh so hard the milk comes out of their nose. The last player left wins the game.

Warning: If you’re allergic to dairy products, use an alternate beverage.

We cannot be held responsible for uncontrolled laughter caused by Tooter or Tooter Lite.