Cool Cheer Lights App

Just wanted to let you know that we have submitted our Cool Cheer Lights iPhone app to Apple. Hopefully it will be approved and out on the iTunes store soon. We will be sure to post again when Cool Cheer Lights is available for you to download.

Cool Cheer Lights is an App that lets you join in all the fun of Cheer Lights without the expense of buying all the hardware. All you need is the iPhone that you already have and you can join in and have as much fun as all the other people that have built their own CheerLights.

CheerLights are GE Christmas lights that are controlled by a ioBridge and an arduino. There are multiple ways to build your own CheerLights by using an ioBridge, and arduino and other elelectronics. If you want to enjoy it the most, then you should build a real one, but if you don’t want to or don’t have the time, then the Cool Cheer Lights iPhone app is what you need.

It is a Virtual Cheer Light.

Cool Cheer Lights reads the API from the website and changes your virtual lights to the latest color.

If you want to change the color of all the Cheer Lights that are currently listening, all you have to do is jump on Twitter and send a tweet to @cheerlights and mention one of the supported colors. Like magic, your Cool Cheer Lights lightbulbs will change to that color.

We currently support:

Updated versions of the App will feature even more cool light options.

If you have any requests for updates, please let us know.

And be sure to come back often to see when we will be releasing the next version of Cool Cheer Lights.