Cool Cheer Lights iPhone App (new info)

So, it turns out that the simplicity of CheerLights is lost on some people.

As an iPhone App developer, I understand that Apps should be useful and have more than just a simple function, but in some cases, an iPhone App might just be something simple – look at things like flashlight, and lighter Apps. Some of them are really simple.

Back to this post – Apple rejected my Cool Cheer Lights iPhone App because it didn’t do enough. It just displays some lights based on the tweets people send. I did have some other ideas on what to put in, but figured it would take a few extra days to add those extras, so in a way, I should not be surprised. Well, it is two days later (you know, I have to do my real work during the day, so I only get an hour or so for fun (iPhone App programming) a day. I have added a couple features, and re-submitted the App. We will see if Apple likes it now. If they approve this one and if there is enough interest in the app, I have a couple more ideas on things to add.